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Should I Be Worried About Rodents in California?

The mild California climate is ideal for pests, including rats and mice. Both these species can be destructive, making rodent control a priority for any California property owner. At O’Conner Pest Control, we see firsthand how damaging an out-of-control rodent issue can be. Below are types of rodents you may encounter in California and the dangers of a rodent infestation. 

Common Rodent Species in California

In warmer parts of California, rodents are active all year round. Maintaining consistent pest-control efforts throughout the year will ensure you stop any invaders before they multiply. If you focus on getting rid of rodents in the wintertime, this can help you avoid a growing pest problem come springtime. It is important to know the type of rodent you’re dealing with and how to combat their presence. Common rodents in California are: 

  • House Mouse 
  • Norway Rat
  • California Mouse 
  • Roof Rat

House Mouse

Fast to breed and quick to climb, the house mouse is a common California pest. These mice are either brown or gray. They have large ears and can reach 7 inches in length from nose to tail. They like to chew through insulation and fabrics to gather material for their nests. They can breed all throughout the year in warm weather or when inside a building.

Norway Rat

This species is also referred to as the “sewer rat.” They’re a burrowing species, which is why they often end up in the sewers. On properties, you’ll find their nests beneath woodpiles, near the sides of foundations, or in gardens. When they invade structures, they remain near the ground. Norway rats have brown fur and a lighter belly.

California Mouse

As the name suggests, this species is native to California and northwestern Mexico. The California mouse doesn’t typically invade homes, but they can be destructive in the garden. They can reach up to 6 inches from nose to tail, and their tails are longer than the head and body combined. They have an orange coat and white feet.

Roof Rat

Unlike Norway rats, roof rats love to climb. They’re quite agile and usually nest in trees and other above-ground vegetation. If they get indoors, they often climb to high points, such as crawl spaces, closets, and attics. They have long, scaly tails, big ears, and smooth, dark fur. They’re a bit smaller than the Norway rat.

The Dangers of a Rodent Invasion

Rodents pose a variety of threats, some of which are minor annoyances, and some of which can cause huge problems. These include: 

  • Multiplying Quickly 
  • Wasted Food 
  • Property Damage
  • Diseases 

Multiplying Quickly

One of the biggest issues is how quickly rodents can multiply. Two rats can create up to 1,250 in a year if the problem remains unchecked. If a rodent infestation is not taken care of the moment you notice it, you could soon have hundreds of furry friends in your home. 

Wasted Food

Rodents enter buildings to find shelter and food and end up staying for comfort. They can get into pantries and destroy everything quickly. Once a rodent has invaded a container of food, you’ll have to throw it out as they are carriers of many different types of diseases. If not taken care of, rodents will continue to stay within this area for easy access to food. 

Property Damage

If you have a rodent infestation, chances are you also have a lot of chewing marks and scratches on your furniture. Rodents will chew on wood, insulation, and other building materials. Sometimes, they will chew on electrical wires, which can cause a short circuit or even a fire.


Rats and mice leave urine and droppings behind. If you’re picking up on a strong odor, you likely have a major infestation happening. WIth this, rodents carry many diseases and the unsanitary conditions of your home could lead to family members getting sick if not dealt with properly. 

The Best Rodent Control in California: Contact O’Conner Pest Control Today

If you spot a rat or mouse of any variety, your best bet is reaching out to the professionals for an inspection. Some rodents are more problematic than others, so it is important to know the species you are dealing with. A professional pest expert can develop a plan to solve the problem.

At O’Conner Pest Control, we use our more than 68 years of experience to better serve the communities in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Utilizing the latest techniques and practices, our team takes on rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, and other vermin. We’re state licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can trust us to handle even the worst infestations.

Please contact us today for your free rodent control estimate. O’Conner Pest Control is proud to be your top source for rodent control in California.