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Roaches have a reputation for being among California’s most hated pests. Not only are these unhygienic insects bad for your health, but they can also be difficult to get rid of. 

Your best bet to tackle a cockroach infestation is to trust an experienced pest control service. In the end, you might spend more time and money trying to eliminate the pests yourself than it would cost to have professionals come in and do it right the first time.

Why Should You Choose O’Connor Pest Control for Cockroach Extermination Service?

We at O'Connor Pest Control are equipped to tackle any roach that comes your way. Cockroach infestations are hard to get rid of because the insects hide in a host of tiny areas, breed quickly, and may develop resistance to pesticides. 

Why Hire Us for Roach Control? We go above and beyond serving our customers with these services:

  • Free Inspections
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The Best Way to Exterminate Roaches

Whether they’re in a home or a business, cockroaches have an “ick factor” that’s hard to beat – and that’s a type of damage you won’t see listed on an insurance policy.

O'Connor Pest Control offers one-time or recurring services for your roach control needs. We will work within your budget to resolve your pest issues.

Cockroach Control and Extermination Services in Ventura CA


Spraying for cockroaches in Ventura CA

California Cockroach Types

Each cockroach species may require slightly different methods to control, so it’s crucial to hire a cockroach control expert who can recognize the differences between the species. California is home to five cockroach species typically regarded as pests: 

  • German Cockroaches – As one of the most common roaches, German cockroaches have a wide range of what they eat – from human food to leather. 
  • American Cockroaches – Commonly mistaken for palmetto bugs, these are the largest species of roaches – but are the least commonly found in homes. These reddish-brown pests can fly, but will rarely do so. 
  • Turkestan Cockroaches – Also known as “rusty red” or “red runner” cockroaches, Turkestan cockroaches are an invasive species to the U.S. They’re usually found in moist places like concrete cracks, composts, plant pots, and leaf piles. 
  • Oriental Cockroaches – Oriental roaches are shiny, large, and look almost black in color. They are also known as “water bugs” because they prefer damp and dark places, like drains and sewers.
  • Brown-Banded Cockroaches – These roaches are smaller than others, growing between a third to a half-inch long. Brown-banded roaches are named after the two light brown bands around their abdomen and wings.

7 Ways to Keep Roaches Out of the House

Here are seven things you can do to help keep roaches out:

  1. Be extra careful when cleaning your house.

Like so many other creepy crawlies, roaches are naturally drawn to sources of food. Daily chores, such as sweeping floors and wiping off your countertops, will help you with roach control. Just a few small crumbs can cause roaches to flock to your bedroom. 

  1. Stay on top of your dishes.

Roaches will be more than happy to devour the leftover debris on dishes. Unfortunately, they can spread bacteria and pathogens while ransacking your kitchen sink. Before retiring at night, take the time to do the dishes.

  1. Keep your lawn maintained.

Roaches love to take refuge under piles of decomposing leaves and grass. Because these pests tend to feed on decaying material, mulching is another no-no when it comes to roach control. Overflowing garbage cans can also lure these nasty bugs, so make sure your lids are properly secured at all times.

  1. Seal entry points.

Cracks and crevices make it easy for roaches to crawl into your home. Take the time to inspect for any potential entry points, including your plumbing pipes and weatherstripping. Most small holes can be quickly sealed using a caulk gun. 

  1. Eliminates sources of moisture.

Leaky plumbing fixtures rank among the top causes of roach infestations. When even a drippy faucet can cause trouble, the slimy conditions of a cracked sewer pipe are like heaven to these insects.

  1. Practice humidity control.

Make sure your home is not too warm and humid. To help keep the humidity at an ideal level, open a window or two for at least 25 minutes a day. It’s also ideal to run the exhaust fans when cooking and showering.

  1. Seek professional cockroach control.

To enjoy year-round protection against these pests, you’ll need to seek professional roach control. An experienced exterminator knows exactly what it takes to maintain a roach-free home. The extra peace of mind is well worth it!

Whether roaches are your only problem or you need comprehensive pest control services for your home or business, O'Connor Pest Control is your trusted California pest control company. Contact us today for a free estimate!