For homeowners and business owners, a bed bug infestation can become a serious problem, bringing unease and illness to residents or guests. Trusting a professional pest control service for bed bug control is the best way to eradicate the issue. In Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, our professionals at O’Connor Pest Control provide the solution to bed bugs quickly and efficiently, offering same-day service.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be as small as 1/4 of an inch and are skilled at moving from place to place. They can easily attach themselves to people’s clothes when riding buses, trains, taxis, and planes. Once they’re situated in a new location where they have access to warm-blooded hosts, they can feed, return to their hiding places, and produce young that mature to adulthood in approximately 35 days, leading to a quick infestation if not treated properly.

Left unattended, bed bugs have a lifespan of between seven months to one year.

Potential Bed Bug Damage

Home or Business

While bed bugs aren’t known for causing structural damage to a home or business property like termites or carpenter ants, they infest places such as cracks and crevices that provide warmth and access to humans for feeding purposes. These places include mattresses, headboards, objects placed near beds, box springs, seams in upholstered furniture, peeling wallpaper, or the bed frame. Signs of bed bug activity include small blood stains on sheets and pillowcases, dark fecal stains on the mattress and mattress cover, and signs of bed bug skins that have been shed.

Physical Health

Bed bugs can also pose a threat to the health of you and your family. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, bed bugs are not known as pests that transmit disease, but their bite can be problematic.

Bed bug bites may appear as raised welts that are red and itch or burn; bites may appear as a rash where the bite occurred, in a cluster, or in straight lines.

For many individuals, there is no negative effect on their personal physical health as the bites are not problematic. But for some, a bed bug bite may result in a severe allergic reaction that can, in some cases, result in anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction where the throat swells up, making it difficult or impossible to breathe). Secondary reactions to bites may also be possible and may include an infection of the skin such as ecthyma or impetigo.

Mental Health

For homes with an ongoing bed bug infestation, individuals who reside in the homes may suffer from a general sense of unease and irritation, as well as sleep conditions like insomnia.

Cost Factor

A bed bug infestation is hard to eliminate completely without help. Repeatedly buying over-the-counter bed bug control products can become expensive and isn’t as effective as leveraging a professional pest control service.


    Common Ways to Get Bed Bugs

    There are a surprising number of ways you can bring bed bugs into your home or business, including:

    • Secondhand furniture, curtains, or clothing
    • Going to a hospital
    • Dorm living
    • Traveling
    • From the gym
    • Cracks in apartments
    • Going to see a movie
    • Break rooms and office lounges
    • Doing laundry in a shared space
    • Using a vacuum that sucked up bed bugs or eggs
    • Public coat closets
    • Library books
    • Shoes

    Why Are Bed Bugs Hard to Get Rid of?

    There are two main reasons bed bugs are so hard to eliminate, especially if you try to do it yourself:

    • Bed bugs love to hide in the tiniest spaces, and since they only need to eat about once a week, they can spend plenty of time looking for the perfect hiding spot.
    • Bed bugs reproduce very quickly. A single female can lay hundreds of eggs during her lifetime – and if half of those eggs are also females that lay hundreds of eggs each, it’s easy to see how quickly a bed bug infestation can get out of control.

    When you bring in a professional bed bug control service, like O’Connor Pest Control, we have the experience to know where bed bugs like to hide — and we have the tools to kill every last one.

    The Benefits of Using O’Connor Bed Bug Control

    Unlike other pest service providers, our bed bug control techniques are used throughout the whole structure, not just one room, to ensure your entire home or business is free of bed bugs. We’ve designed our bed bug control system with our customer’s peace of mind at the forefront, and we do this with a highly efficient, yet easy to administer, multi-faceted system.

    To make this bed bug solution customer-friendly and convenient, our system does not require any preparation ahead of time, which means there is no need to discard your box springs or mattress prior to our visit. Our job is to help fix the problem without causing our customers unnecessary interruptions; we use devices to detect active bed bugs so our technicians can take steps to help eliminate the infestation.

    At O’Connor Pest Control, we take customer satisfaction seriously. As part of our approach to supporting our promise of quality service to our customers, we provide continuous follow-up to help ensure bed bugs are under control.

    Schedule an Appointment With a Professional Pest Control Service

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