When home or business owners see ants inside or around their property, it’s a clear signal that a colony may be nearby. While these industrious pests may seem harmless, ants can cause damage. At O’Connor Pest Control, our team is equipped with the knowledge, know-how, and right treatment plans to rid your home or business in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County of any ant infestation. 

Types of Ants

There are an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 identified species of ants worldwide. In Ventura County and Santa Barbara County, there are six that are seen most commonly. These include the Argentine ant, Pharaoh ant, Odorous ant, Acrobat ant, Fire ants, and the Carpenter ant. Other Southern California ant species include the velvety tree ant, black ant, and the harvester ant.

Potential Property Damage and Health Issues

Of all the ants prevalent in Southern California, the carpenter ant is the species that can cause significant structural damage. Carpenter ants, usually black, burrow into softwood to build a nest and start a new colony or expand an already existing colony.

The pharaoh ant prefers to nest indoors, especially when it is cold outside. They will make their nests in dark and secluded places where they have access to moisture and warmth. While they do not burrow and destroy wood, like other ants, they can carry bacteria and illness with them. 

For ant species that bite and/or sting, such as fire ants, when an interaction occurs, it can lead to health issues for individuals who are allergic to the venom or formic acid and have a negative reaction.

The Problem With Do-it-Yourself Ant Control Treatments

There are many do-it-yourself methods for ant control, from over-the-counter sprays and baits to retail pesticides and natural home remedies. Completely removing the main colony or all of the ant’s sub colonies can be pretty challenging because the ants can just abandon the current colony and move to another nearby location. This means an ongoing population of ants, and why we recommend calling in professionals for ant control. 

Benefits of Our Pest Services

When you use the professional services of O’Connor Pest Control, whether we’re needed for residential or commercial properties, our goal is to provide our customers with the best services. To achieve this, we offer effective pest solutions, fair estimates, free inspections, and no surprise charges or extra hidden fees. We strive for complete customer satisfaction from the start of the treatment process to the finish while focusing on the removal of the current infestation and taking steps to prevent any future infestations.

Residential Customers

When our professionals visit your home, they will inspect the property, treat the affected area(s), and look for other locations that may pose future problems. For homeowners with pets, our treatments are pet-friendly for indoor or outdoor. We also offer senior discounts as well as same-day service, one-time service, or we can set up recurring services. Whether pests are walking, crawling, or flying, our team of technicians can help keep your home free of unwanted pests.

Commercial Customers

For commercial customers, maintaining a pest-free environment is crucial for maintaining a safe location for those working in or accessing the company. Allowing pest infestations to go unresolved can lead to client and customer loss, fines by the county or state, a negative reputation in the industry, and even required closure of the business. 

To avoid these issues, initiating a pest management program with O’Connor Pest Control ensures access to pest services all year long. We will customize our pest services to fit your specific work environment, whether you are operating a commercial, agricultural, or industrial business.

Call Our Services into Action

At O’Connor Pest Control, “We Do It All” and have been since 1952 when it comes to protecting homes and businesses. Whether you see a few ants or a lot, contact us via our convenient online form to schedule a free estimate so our technicians can identify the type of ant invading your property then create a plan of action to help eliminate the intruders.