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What Eats Ants?

Tiny ants can be a big problem in Southern California. Ant infestations can happen in any building, including your home. The good news is that certain animals help to keep ant populations down. And more than one predator eats ants. But you still don’t want to depend only on animals to get rid of these annoying pests. It’s better if you hire O’Connor Pest Control, the best pest and termite control company since 1952.

Armadillos Have a Big Appetite for Ants

These interesting animals have a shell of leather that resembles armor. They have long, sharp claws that come in handy for digging. And here’s the best part: ants are among armadillos’ favorite things to eat. Armadillos use their claws to find ants in logs, under rocks, and in other places they try to hide.

Other Insects Are Known to Eat Ants

Because of their size, ants make a good catch for other small insects. It’s common for flies, such as the phorid fly, to eat ants. This fly will lay its larvae on the ants, so when the larvae hatch, they immediately start eating them. Beetles and caterpillars also snack on ants from time to time. Doodlebugs, or antlion larvae, make traps to ensnare ants and then consume them.

Interestingly, ants also eat other ants. Good examples of this are fire ants and army ants, which eat smaller ants.

Birds Are Predators As Well

In a list of what eats ants, birds are high on the chain. Woodpeckers are among the most frequent birds to dine on ants. They will drill holes into trees or logs to find ants inside. Other birds will land on or near anthills to find their meals. Or, birds will simply pick ants right off the ground. Sparrows, grouse, and starlings are good examples of birds that feed on ants this way.

Reptiles May Eat Ants, Too

Some snakes and lizards will slurp up ants if they’re around. Garter snakes, corn snakes, and milk snakes will seize the chance to snack on these tiny insects.

A Complete, Dependable Approach to Getting Rid of Ants

Battling ant infestations can be rough. Large colonies can quickly find refuge inside any building. So what can you do? By leaving pest elimination to the professionals with O’Connor Pest Control, you can live your life worry (and pest) free. Professional pest control companies have effective approaches for ant prevention and elimination. Our comprehensive approach starts with:

  • Inspect the property for ant infestations and entry points.
  • Apply chemical sprays and other means to eliminate the ants.
  • Provide follow-up.

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