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When Are Spiders the Most Active?

Spiders can be found in your home throughout the year. They prefer to build their webs along ceilings, in corners, beneath furniture, on windowsills, in closets, and other prime locations in your home. A common myth is that spiders are more active in the late summer, but the truth is that different spider species can be active throughout all 4 seasons of the year. 


During the summer months, you’ll observe heightened activity in a range of creatures, spiders included. Although different spider species maintain their activity levels throughout the year, their movements and hunting behaviors become more noticeable during the summer season. In search of food, active spiders are more likely to take up residence in your home. To prevent spiders from infiltrating your home, you should consider implementing regular spider pest control practices. 


In the fall season, the young spiders that hatched from eggs laid in spring have now developed into adults, leading to an increase in the spider population. This season also marks the onset of the mating period for many spider species, motivating them to venture out in search of suitable mates. As the winter season approaches, these spiders become actively engaged in finding protective shelters. For those spiders that did not lay eggs in the spring, this is the time when they start looking for sheltered spots to carefully place their eggs before winter arrives.


In the winter months, the availability of food for spiders becomes limited. As a result, spiders start looking for shelter. Different areas within your home, such as wall cracks, attics, and basements, offer the kind of protection that spiders are in search of. Indoor spiders frequently maintain their usual behaviors, occupying our warm homes throughout the winter season. 


As spring brings warmth, spiders that remained hidden throughout the winter months become active. Many female spider species lay eggs in the early months of the milder weather, often numbering in the thousands. During this season, it’s crucial to inspect your home for possible entry points that active spiders could enter through.

Spider Activity in Your Home  

Pest control measures and regular inspections can provide peace of mind for homeowners and occupants, knowing that their living environment is free from potential spider-related issues. While most spider species are not harmful to humans, some spiders can deliver painful or even venomous bites. To prevent spiders from becoming unwelcome guests in your home, reach out to the experts at O’Connor Pest Control!