Why Are There Mice in My Garage in Camarillo, CA?

Mice are active in every part of the world, and Camarillo, CA is no exception. They like living around humans, but most people hate their existence. If you have mice in your garage, you can only think of getting rid of them.

Chances are, solving your mouse problem may be more challenging than you think. They are persistent critters with centuries of experience at dodging DIY tactics. To find out how to get rid of mice in your garage, you’ll need to learn about mice and how they operate.

Mice are very good at living among us without being detected. They reside in areas we seldom visit. Most of the time, our only clues of their existence are their droppings or their chew marks. Whenever we are nearby, they have sensitive motion sensors that give them plenty of time to scat.

Plus, mice are superb athletes. They can run, jump, climb, swim, or climb their way over most obstacles. As a result, these rodents have no problem with rooftop or watery entries into a dwelling.

These rodents are active year-round, but you are most likely to encounter them during the winter. They will seek warmth in almost any dwelling, and your garage is no exception.

Do I have mice or rats?

If the critters you saw are tiny, you may have a mouse problem. Other mice characteristics are:

  • A slender body that weighs about an ounce or less
  • Brown, black, or gray fur with a white underside
  • Large, almost hairless ears
  • Tiny black protruding eyes

Mice have an affinity for residential homes because we offer food, shelter, and water. We call them domestic rodents for this reason.

Are mice dangerous?

After a mice infestation forms in your garage, the consequences can be high. You may face:

  • Getting sick: Mice carry over. Among these diseases are bubonic plague, typhus, and infectious jaundice.
  • Food and air contamination: Mouse feces, urine, and hair often get into food supplies.
  • Fires and property damage: Mice chew through electric cables. They can damage furniture, drywall, and appliances.

What attracts mice to my garage?

Mice get most of the water they need in their food. So, they don’t have to be near a water source necessarily. Here are a few possible reasons you have mice in your garage.

  • You have food stored in the garage, or you have a food source near the garage, like in a barbecue area. Bird seed, grass seed, and dry dog food also attract mice.
  • You have clutter or old mattresses for nest making.
  • The interior is warm, with plenty of hiding places.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Garage

Mice reproduce every month with two to seven offspring per litter. If you choose to deal with the problem yourself, here are the steps you should take.

  • Deny access: Seal every orifice leading into your garage. Inspect the surrounding area for openings and seal them. Also, declutter the interior to the point of making all areas visible.
  • Thoroughly clean all areas: Pay special attention to the garage floor. Make sure any stored food is in airtight containers.
  • Install weather stripping: By focusing on securing your garage door, you’ll be stopping mice from entering.

Are you still suffering from rodent activity in your garage? Give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page to get started!