When is Termite Season in California?

Information to Know About Termites in California

When is termite season in California is a question homeowners and business owners need to know the answer to, so you will be prepared in case the insects invade your property.

Termites are widespread in California with a concentration of moderate to heavy activity in certain parts of the state. For the most part, they are usually active on warm days, especially after it has rained. Although less common, Termites can also be active during the winter, when they reside in a warm building.

California has a variety of termite species, each with a unique period of activity. Some common termites in California include:

  • Arid-land subterranean termites are active in the spring and fall seasons during the day.
  • Desert drywood termites are busy from June to September in the evening.
  • Desert subterranean termites are active between July and September at night.
  • Formosan termites are early evening activists when the temperatures near 90 degrees during the months of May to September.
  • Nevada dampwood termites prefer spring when located at higher elevation areas and are active along coastal areas during early fall and summer.
  • Pacific dampwood termites are active right before the sun goes down between August and October.
  • Western Drywood termites are active in southern California between September and November during the daylight hours.
  • Western subterranean termites prefer activity during the daytime and during the rainy seasons of early spring, autumn, and winter.

Drywood and subterranean termites are prevalent in California. Both of these types are known for their property damage.

Preparing for Termite Season

An important point to note is all termites do not become active at the same time of the year. Weather conditions including rainfall, wind speeds, and temperature affect when termites become active throughout the state. Monitoring the weather for your area and previous year’s patterns of activity may help give you a jump start on what to expect.

There are a few ways property owners can prepare for the upcoming termite season to help to protect their home from these intruders.

  • Keep wood piles, mulch and other belongings far away from the exterior of the home. Termites are drawn to these materials and keeping them away from your home can deter them from damaging your home’s wooden foundation.
  • If the foundation of the property has any cracks, crevices, or holes, fill them in.
  • Make sure to address any water pooling around the foundation of the property. This may mean adjusting gutters and downspouts, so water is moved away from the foundation.

These processes may help, to a certain extent, for a minor infestation, but if you are seeing signs of termites such as hollowed or damaged wood, bubbles/blisters in wood flooring, termite droppings, wings, and mud tubes, it might be time to seek professional services to help you take care of the infestation before it gets worse.

Whether you are concerned your property may have termites, or the termite activity is apparent and extensive, you need help from the professional technicians at O’Connor Pest Control for quality service by experts in the field. Starting preventative maintenance, as soon as possible, can help keep your property protected from future encounters from damaging termite activity.

O’Connor Pest Control Termite Services

Since 1952, we have been on the front lines dealing with termite activity and how we can help eliminate and control the problem. Not only do we specialize in homes and businesses, but we also cover inspections for property management companies. Our goal is to help ensure properties are inspected and protected from the damage termite’s cause.

Eliminate the stress and worry of a current or potential termite infestation by calling us today to schedule a termite inspection and receive a free quote. We’re here to help.