What Are the Benefits of Using Heat Treatments on Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs do many things that people cannot tolerate, and it turns out that they have something that they do not like either. High heat, which can be a suppressing killer in minutes. As the most effective bed bug control in California, O’Connor Pest Control provides superior results. Our 60 years of industry experience can work for you and rid your home of the biting, bloodsucking pests. Five benefits of heat treatment that give you the best options for bed bug control include: 

  • Attacking the Protective Shell
  • Stopping the Egg Cycle 
  • Avoiding Pesticides 
  • Heat Produced Efficiency 
  • Ease of Preparation 

Attacking the Protective Shell

Bed bugs, like almost all insects, wear their skeleton on the outside. By protecting their body from predators and the elements, it offers no resistance to high heat. Often no larger than an apple seed or about one-quarter inch, they cannot tolerate exposure to heat. Unfortunately for them, the exoskeleton cannot stand the elevated temperatures that kill them immediately. Adults can live for many months if you do not eradicate them and this can lead to more reproducing.

Stopping the Egg Cycle

Bed bug eggs hatch in a week or two, and females can lay about a dozen a day. Nymph bed bugs can start feeding immediately with appetites for blood as soon as they emerge from the egg. Infestations can form quickly and get out of hand with an increase in the population of almost 100 every seven days. While they do not reproduce until later, they can produce bites that let them draw blood. Much too small to attract your attention, the tiny creatures require heat eradication for bed bug control in California. Our technique kills the eggs and all phases of a bed bug’s life cycle.

Avoiding Pesticides

A one-time application of heat provides a simple and effective approach to bed bug eradication. We apply our proven bed bug control process to all rooms in your house simultaneously. With our understanding of bed bugs, we know that it works better than any other method. Chemicals that attempt to treat bed bugs leave a residue on floors, carpets and furniture that may cause reactions in people and pets.

Letting Heat Produce Efficiency

Not only do chemicals in pesticides pose potential harmful effects, but they also cannot compare in efficiency to our heat-based bed bug control in California. The minuscule size of the adult and nymph bed bugs that interrupt your rest and leave red marks on your body and linens makes it almost impossible to see them. In addition, they can hide in a quarter-inch space. Spraying them with a chemical proves highly ineffective because it cannot reach their hiding places. While no one wants bed bug control more than one time, chemical treatment requires repeated applications.

Enjoying the Ease of Preparation

Getting ready to eradicate bed bugs requires you to do absolutely nothing. The treatment does not damage your furniture, carpets, clothing or any other possessions. As opposed to putting everything away to prevent exposing it to chemical sprays, our approach to bed bug control lets you leave everything in place. Instead of dreading the work effort required to make your home ready for exterminators, you can relax and enjoy the results without any inconvenience. Chemical treatment requires multiple applications that necessitate putting away everything that it can contaminate with pesticides.

Why Professional Bed Bug Treatment? 

Our approach to eradicating bed bug infestations uses the latest scientific methods to produce the most effective results with minimal inconvenience. We respect your property and the sanctity of your home, and we show it. Our trained and highly skilled professionals provide the best bed bug control in california. We offer free, fair estimates without hidden charges, and our Senior Specials make treatment affordable. Our Same Day Pest Control helps you resolve annoying bed bug issues immediately. Contact us for a free estimate and prompt service.