How to Keep Bugs Out of Your House

No matter how impeccably tidy you keep your home or business, an annoying pest will always find a way into your property. You may not notice their presence initially, but when you see one insect or rodent, there are more beyond your view, hidden in your walls, attic, and outdoor living spaces. 

A licensed and highly trained pest control professional will find where they are hiding and create a custom plan to eliminate unwanted visitors. Take a look at some tips to pest-proof your property.

Tip One: Clean Your Home 

Keep your home free from spilled food and drink. You should clean up quickly after eating, keep food tightly sealed, and take out the garbage immediately in a tight trash container. Pests and rodents are opportunists. They feed on scraps, crumbs, and anything they might find on your floors and countertops. Mice, roaches, and ants are more than a nuisance. They can threaten the health and safety of your home. 

Tip Two: Fix Leaking Pipes and Remove Moisture

Mosquitos thrive near pools of water, but they can also attract other pests like cockroaches and some forms of termites. By eliminating their water sources, you’ll prevent an infestation in your home or business. 

Some pests can find a way into the property through cracks and gaps in your property’s exterior and drains or sewer pipes. Once a pest is inside your property, it’s tough to resolve the issue without the assistance of an expert like O’Connor.

Excellent at concealing themselves, if you see one pest in your house or business, chances are there are more. Stop the problem before it starts. We recommend dumping anything that can hold water, fixing loose pipes, and removing damp wood.

Tip Three: Keep Your Yard Clean

With our busy lives, it’s hard to keep our yards free from debris. Unfortunately, that may be an open invitation for raccoons to make a home in your outdoor area. Mosquitos look for pools of water to lay their eggs, and termites can find that fallen wood quite appetizing. 

To make your outdoor area less attractive to pests and wildlife looking for a home, pick up cardboard, remove the garbage, and clean up leaves and branches after a storm.

Tip Four: Seal Entry Points

Warmth and food are the main comforts of wildlife. Rodents and birds venture into homes and commercial properties during the colder months. They have the potential to spread disease with their waste and any fleas in their fur, but they also have the capacity of destroying property, insulation, wiring, wood, and even stored food.

If you spot wildlife inside your property, you need to find out how it entered your home. Place screens to block pipe entrances. Also, you can seal all cracks, openings, and holes with cement or sealants.

Once that’s accomplished, ensure that you remove total access to your property with a thorough check from a pest control specialist.

Tips Five: Rely on the Experts

Some pests, like bed bugs, are tough to eliminate. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, although bed bugs do not transmit disease, they are annoying and negatively affect those allergic to them. They can also cause anaphylaxis or other negative reactions. 

The best way to prevent bed bugs from entering your property is to take some necessary precautions, including the following steps:

Check your surroundings: Bed bugs like to hide in secluded places. Check the box springs, bed frames, dressers and nightstands, sofas, recliners, behind hung artwork, and electrical switch plates if you’re staying away from home.

Look for obvious signs: If you notice brown or dark red spots on your linen, those are bed bug feces and blood from their hosts. It’s hard not to notice the bites from the bugs, which leave not only blood but raised clustered welts that are red and itchy.

There’s only so much you can do. When you have a real problem, make sure you have an experienced team on your side.

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