How Can I Tell if I Have Termites in My Camarillo, CA Home?

Often, you won’t see termites, but only the destruction they’ve done to your home. Every year, termites do thousands of dollars in damage to homes across America. Unfortunately, the warm, wet seasons in Camarillo, CA make it the perfect place for termites to find their home year-round. While other states can expect a little break as these pests move underground in colder months, termites in California continue to damage Camarillo homes.

While termites are not harmful to humans, they often cause long term destruction unnoticed. This means that they can affect the quality of your home.

What attracts termites to my home?

There are a few different types of termites that you can find in your home. Dampwood and drywood termites live, as their names suggest, in either moist wood or dry wood. There are also subterranean termites that build mud tunnels through the ground and into the foundation.

Any leak or moisture that seeps into wood can attract termites. If your home has any small cracks or openings, termites can come in through them. While these pests don’t breed as quickly as other insects, they can often go years in homes without being noticed; this is why they cause such an excessive amount of damage.

How can I tell if I have termites in my home?

A termite infestation can happen without the homeowners’ knowledge. Here are some of the ways to spot if you have termites in your home.

  • Blistering in wooden floors: It can look like water damage but actually might mean that termites are eating the underside of the flooring.
  • Hollowed wood: This can appear as long cracks in the wood or almost a honeycomb appearance inside
  • Wings near windows or other openings
  • Small mounds of droppings

Unfortunately, termite infestations can still take place without any visible indicators. Often it takes years before the destruction becomes noticeable. That’s why the best idea is to treat proactively.

How can I prevent termites from destroying my home?

The best preventative measure is to ensure there are no damp areas in your home. You can make sure that you don’t have any plumbing issues or even a leaky air conditioner.

The less wood touching the ground, the better. Where this is impossible, a great solution is to put sand down. While termites are quite common in Camarillo, they can’t build their tunnels through the sand. Move woodpiles away from your home and regularly clean up fallen branches and debris around your property.

Frequently clean any vents that have access to the outside, gutters, and downspouts. This cleaning will ensure that water is running away from the house and prevent the buildup of moisture. It is also the best way to make sure that insects are not entering the house though any damp or dark places.

How can O’Connor Pest Control get rid of termites in my home?

Termites are best dealt with by pest control professionals. If you are unsure whether you have a termite infestation or not, call O’Connor Pest Control for an inspection. We will inspect your house, or the home you are looking to buy, to deal with any termite issues you may have.

Since termites are one of the most insidious pests, this is the best way to get peace of mind. Even if you don’t have a termite problem, a pest control expert can inspect your home and take preventative measures. O’Connor Pest Control will ensure that you have a long-lasting solution.