Do you Need Pest Control in the Winter in Santa Barbara, California?

Pests are invasive and can cause damage to any structure. Most people are unaware they not only linger outside in the winter, but they can easily sneak into your homes and businesses with minimal effort. Pest control in the winter in Santa Barbara, California, keeps the intrusive bug or rodent more manageable for the seasons to follow.

What pests live in the winter in California?

  • Rats and Mice
  • Spiders
  • Squirrels
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches

Rats and Mice

The facts are rodents need to gnaw, and if it’s in your home or office, so be it. They invade regardless of your opinion, through as little of an opening as 1/4 inch. Their droppings and fleas can pass a disease to anyone in the vicinity, while at the same time, sharp chewing power wreaks havoc on wire and siding. The Norway rat, house mouse, and roof rat reproduce all year round. Where there is one, there is bound to be many more.


If you haven’t heard of black widows, this season could be different. Female black widow spiders, a venomous arachnid with a shiny body and red hourglass marking under the belly, are prevalent in Santa Barbara throughout winter. Brown widows are less venomous, but tend to find food, and shelter inside your home for the same reason you do: safety in a climate controlled environment.

Sick of running through the sticky spider web every time you cross your door frame? The average house spider may not be venomous, but they sure can be troublesome. They make themselves at home with the slightest crack around the exterior of your home.

With winter household pest control, you no longer need to fall victim to the sneaky web attack when O’Conner Pest Control has your back.


Squirrels can nest in your attic and will chew, scratch, and destroy your belongings in the winter. They are highly active, nesting in the cold months, making them more of a pest to you and your property. They can carry unwanted diseases; therefore, it’s vital to have winter pest control to rid them of your personal space.


In the winter, ants are one of the most prevalent pests you will find. Their homes are under yours or next door giving them close access to your food and water. They travel in colonies, which means they’re in the masses by the time you notice them. Having regular treatment can help keep them at bay as well as prevent them from coming back.

Carpenter ants take it all to another level. They live inside your walls, eating and chewing on the integrity of the very structure. Their tunnels can damage your walls but can be discouraged from ever targeting your home or business with regular winter treatments.


As you probably already know, cockroaches are a lot like rats, because they get into your water, food, and personal space. Inhaling their excrements can make you and your family very ill. They are tough to get rid of on your own, so if you find evidence of them, promptly call the professionals. They don’t cause structural damage, but sanitation is a huge issue.

How can O’Connor Pest Control get rid of winter pests in my home?

Do you need pest control in the winter in Santa Barbara, California? Of course, it’s essential; O’Conner’s quarterly/monthly plan is necessary for all homeowners and commercial property owners. Our year-round pest control plans include inspections geared towards pests, specifically in the winter. With our focus on seasonal issues, we target different invaders, depending on the time of year.

Pest control is one sure-fire way to keep those annoying uninvited guests from your humble abode, never wanting to return. can quickly tend to your pesky infestation so you can enjoy the season in peace and comfort. Call us or fill out the contact form on this page to get started!