What Dangerous Spiders Live In My Camarillo, CA Home?

Spider activity is a common problem for homeowners. Everyone has likely found spiders here and there. More often than not, spiders prefer to live outside where they can find plenty of food to keep them going long-term. However, there are some spiders you don’t want to find anywhere on your property, especially in your home. Some common spiders in California are dangerous, especially if you have an infestation. If you’re going to keep your home and business safe, you may need to call in professionals to deal with the problem.

How do spiders get into homes?

Spiders enter homes through impossibly small cracks and crevices in the foundation of your home, gaps under garage and shed doors, cracked or torn windows and screening, or any other small inconspicuous opening. A large majority of homes have spider infestations simply because there are too many entry points around the home to identify and seal. Spiders prefer dark, secluded spaces with the least amount of foot traffic. This is why you’ll find them in closets, under appliances, screened in porches, detached sheds, and other spaces that are used the least in your home.

What are the most common spiders that live in homes?

There are 66 unique species of spiders in California. Some are not native to the Camarillo area, so they are less of a threat to homeowners. Only a handful of spiders are attracted to human homes and properties. In many cases, spiders are only looking for a place to hide, and a damp or cool garage is the perfect place. Unfortunately, even though they aren’t interested in people, we can have dangerous run-ins with them by accident.

Western Black Widow Spiders

Most people have heard terrible things about black widow spiders. Female black widow spiders are especially notorious because of their ability to deliver a possibly deadly venom. They have a shiny black body with a bright red hourglass shape on their lower abdomen. In some cases, they might have a yellow or white hourglass instead, but it’s fairly rare. Black widow bites are somewhat common in California because they are attracted to people’s homes. Black widows don’t want to get in a human’s way, but their hiding places are often the problem. They often hide in boxes or items that you’ve put in storage or appear in bathtubs and toilets where moisture is abundant. You might slip on some shoes after months in storage and get a bite on your foot. The same goes for clothing, gloves, and more.

If you suspect a spider has bitten you, you should call your doctor immediately. Symptoms of a black widow spider bite include:

  • Headaches
  • Excessive sweating
  • Cramps
  • Lesions where you were bitten
  • Nausea
  • Convulsions and tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Unconsciousness

Brown Widow Spiders

Brown widow spiders aren’t as common as black widows, but they can be dangerous in their own right. Many people aren’t as familiar with the brown variety. They have brown and black striped legs, a black head, and a tan abdomen with black markings. Their hourglass marking isn’t quite as distinctive as their black and red counterparts. Instead, their markings tend to be orange instead of red.

These spiders behave similarly to black widows. They don’t want anything to do with humans, but they do enjoy living in protected areas around your home. You may run into them in mailboxes, under guardrails, in recessed handles on your trashcan, and more. Keep in mind that a bite from a brown widow spider isn’t usually as serious. They can cause irritation, inflammation, but people don’t usually have a bad reaction. Even though their venom is equally as strong, they are smaller, and they can’t inject as much into their prey at one time.

How can O’Connor Pest Control get rid of spiders in my home?

If you’ve noticed dangerous or common house spiders in or around your home, it’s time to call in the professionals. O’Connor Pest Control can safely and effectively eliminate and prevent spiders around your home. Give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page to get started!