How to Keep Pigeons Off of Your Roof in Santa Barbara, CA

Band-tailed pigeons are native to California and live in the northern and southern regions of the state, including Santa Barbara. The Pacific Coast subspecies of pigeon has a small head, bulky body, round tail feathers, and wide pointed wings. They have blue-gray feathers and a white crescent mark on their necks.

Pigeons are diurnal and mate during the spring. Some are migratory pigeons, while other groups choose to become residents in one area. During winter migrations, pigeons bred in the Pacific NorthWest migrate south to Central and Southern California– often interacting with groups of resident birds.

A migratory pigeon’s diet during the spring and summer months consists of nuts and fruits from trees and shrubs; during the winter, acorns become their primary food source. Pigeons that live in the Santa Barbara area prefer to nest in damp conifer forests, but can live in forested residential areas (parks, farms, backyards). Unlike migratory birds, sedentary pigeons will forage from bird feeders, gardens, and trash cans.

Are pigeons dangerous?

When pigeons permanently inhabit a suburban area, they seek crevices, rooftops, corner ledges, and solar panels for protection. Twig nests can clog rain gutters and dam water, which causes flooding during heavy rain. If the nest is close to any electrical wiring or lights, it is a fire hazard.

Birds can bring diseases, bacteria, and fleas with them, while their droppings make the outside of any place unhygienic. Dried droppings can leak dust into a building’s airflow and pose a threat to anyone with respiratory difficulties or a weak immune system.

To avoid damages and infestation, here are some pointers on how to keep pigeons off your roof!

How can I prevent pigeons from nesting on my roof?

The first precaution is to make your property less inhabitable by removing standing water like birdbaths, and any available food like trash, open gardens, or bird feeders. You’ll want to try boarding off any favorite spots for pigeons to perch with chicken wire or wire mesh to make it more challenging to nest.

Try scaring pigeons away with loud noises from wind chimes or other sound deterrents. Repellent scare tape confuses and scares birds through holographics that catch the light and shift in color and shape. Not only does the tape visually deter pigeons, but it also audibly spooks them with the sound of rustling film.

Next, think about buying an affordable decoy owl that will act as a predator against a range of birds. Plastic replicas of owls, hawks, and falcons will deter roosting, but pigeons are smart, and if the decoy does not move around, the birds may wise up to the fake.

After trying all the above suggestions and still finding pigeon droppings, and nests on your property, there is only one thing left to do.

How can O’Connor Pest Control prevent pigeons from nesting on my roof?

The most secure and trusted solution as to how to keep pigeons off your roof is calling the wildlife control professionals at O’Connor Pest Control. We provide free inspections and pet-friendly service with respect for your family and your home.

Pigeons can be pests, but they can be dealt with in environmentally friendly and humane ways. To stop the nesting and dirty droppings around your property today contact O’Connor Pest Control for bird control services!