How Do I Know if I Have Fleas in My California Home?

What You Need to Know About Fleas

Fleas can be an itchy problem for you and your pet when they become invested and infested in your home. There are over 2,000 different types and can be found in regions across the globe. California is just one of many states in the US where fleas can be found.

A tiny speck of an insect, fleas are reddish-brown and have a flat body and a tough exoskeleton. The hard shell serves as protection as it makes it difficult to squish them. They can jump at least one foot, making it easy for them to escape capture and to access a host such as a dog, cat, or a human.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), fleas in California are active year-round. For pet owners with indoor and outdoor pets, fleas are not only a nuisance, but they can also affect a pet’s health with issues such as anemia, tapeworms, and allergic reactions to bites. Even if you don’t have pets, wildlife visiting your property, such as possums, raccoons, and squirrels, can host fleas and bring them closer to your home and threaten the safety of your loved ones.

Fleas that are outside due to roaming animals and wildlife are adept at attaching themselves to a person’s pant leg, socks, or shoes, as well as other animals and pets. The flea is then transported inside where an adult female can lay as many as 50 eggs after one feeding of blood. In her lifetime, she can produce as many as 2,000 eggs. Thus begins the start of a flea infestation.

Blood-sucking fleas stick close to their host, so they have an ongoing buffet to feed on. Not only will fleas stay on a pet embedded in the fur, but they can also be found in the pet’s bedding, their pet carrier or crate, in your vehicle, a home’s rugs and carpets, human bedding, sofas, chairs, and clothing. With their jumping ability, it is easy for them to relocate to the most promising area where there is an accessible food source.

How Do I Know If I Have Fleas in My House?

This is a good question to ask, and one easily answered as there are plenty of signs for pets, humans, and the house. These include:

Humans and House Signs

  • Small, red bites on the body. These may be visible especially around the ankles. Fleas will also settle inside a waistband and your socks. They may bite your hand, arm, neck, and get in your scalp.
  • Look for the tiny pests on your clothing, drapes, furniture.
  • Flea dirt is what fleas deposit as feces after digesting blood. The flecks will be reddish in color.
  • Signs of small, white colored eggs in carpets, bedding or around your home.

Pet Signs

There are several signs that could mean your pet has been impacted by fleas. These include:

  • Excessive scratching and biting of skin.
  • Patchy areas where the fur is missing.
  • Changes in the skin such as irritated patches, welts, and redness.
  • Black or red-brown flecks on your pet’s skin.

Flea Prevention in Your California Home

Pet owners have access to a variety of over-the-counter and prescription flea prevention medicines. Keeping pets flea free is a step toward helping to maintain a flea infestation. Flea bombs and sprays are a short-term aid in getting rid of fleas. For overall protection of your home and yard, O’Connor Pest Control can help reduce the threat fleas pose with flea control services.

Be Flea-Free

Controlling a flea population in the home can be a challenge but we’re up to it with services to help remove the current problem and provide help to prevent a recurring infestation. We offer a free inspection, same day service, pet friendly products, and a commitment to provide excellent customer service. Call us today for a flea-free environment tomorrow.