DIY Pesticide Solutions for Camarillo: Effective? Or Dangerous?

Here at O’Connor Pest Control, we take our clients’ pest concerns very seriously.

We know that pests can carry pathogens, release allergens that are harmful to childrens’ respiratory systems, contaminate food supplies, jeopardize building integrity, and much more.

We also know that the DIY pesticide alternatives found at your local Camarillo home and garden store don’t always work as advertised and improperly applied can pose serious health risks for humans and pets.  

We believe that while some clients turn first to DIY pesticide solutions from their local home improvement stores, hoping to minimize the expense of battling pests, their family’s health is their primary concern.

We recently found an informative article on “bug bombs” which debunks the popular notion that they work, and more alarmingly reveals the disturbing level of toxicity they pose to the Camarillo residents who use them. We think you’ll want to read it before heading to your local home and garden store for DIY pesticides.

Camarillo residents should be armed with good information before they use DIY pesticides.

The “over-the-counter” pesticides that line the shelves at your local home and garden store may seem “safe” and “effective” but research shows they can be anything but!

Here are some summarizing quotes (this article details a specific popular DIY treatment for German cockroaches):

  • “Bug-bomb chemicals fail to reach places where cockroaches congregate the most – on the underside of surfaces and inside cabinets… Besides leaving behind numerous cockroaches, bug bombs also leave behind nasty toxic residue in the middle of floors and countertops, areas cockroaches generally avoid but which are heavily used by humans and pets.”
  • “Four to six hours after the bug bombs were deployed, the researchers again swabbed floors, kitchen surfaces, walls and cabinets and found average insecticide residues increased 600 times baseline levels on all horizontal surfaces.”
  • “Bug bombs are not killing cockroaches; they’re putting pesticides in places where the cockroaches aren’t; they’re not putting pesticides in places where cockroaches are and they’re increasing pesticide levels in the home… In a cost-benefit analysis, you’re getting all costs and no benefits.”

If this sounds alarming, you’ll want to read the rest of this article:

NC State Study: ‘Bug Bombs’ Are Ineffective Killing Roaches Indoors

We hope our Camarillo clients will consider carefully before using “over the counter” pesticides.

Before you purchase any DIY pesticides (for any kind of pest), ask yourself:

  • Do I really know how effective this product is? Does it have a proven track record?
  • Have I researched properly the safety considerations surrounding this product? Are there any risks posed to my family or pets?
  • Do I fully understand the “cost/benefit” ratio of this product — its effectiveness at reducing pest population vs level of toxicity to humans and pets?

If you have ANY hesitation when you answer, you should contact a pest control professional before taking action. We are here to help you!

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