Are Moles Ruining My California Lawn?

The burrowing mole is as busy as a beaver when living in your yard. While the small animal may do a good job at keeping the insect population down, they can also do damage to your yard when creating their tunnel system.

If you’re not sure what moles in California look like, they are a small, compact animal with a cylindrical-type body with short legs, a tail, and a pointed snout. Their body is densely covered in short fur, and they have an impressive set of claws. You cannot see their ears, and their eyesight is poor. Some specific mole species even have a distinct odor.

Typically, there is only one mole living in each tunnel as moles are not social animals. The exception to the antisocial behavior is the breeding season, which can run from the latter part of winter into the early part of spring. Females generally give birth to three or four babies once a year.

Moles in California reside in the coastal foothills and mountain ranges, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and inhabit all areas within the coastal zone. For residents wondering, are there moles in southern California, you can rest knowing moles are not typically attracted to the dry environment making them less prevalent in the southern part of the state. Although not typical, there is still a threat of a mole invasion if there is access to moist, rich soil.

Because moles live underground the majority of the time, they are proficient in building a network of deep interconnecting tunnels as well as shallow tunnels near the lawn’s surface.

Mole Damage

When moles are burrowing the deeper tunnels, the soil is forced to the surface, which may appear as single mounds of dirt creating a line across the lawn. The soil may also appear as small cubes or chunks.

The shallow tunnels are used by moles when they’re on a feeding spree. The disruption of soil near the surface occurs when moles are in search of easily accessible food sources such as worms, small invertebrates, and an assortment of insects.

When moles in California are hard at work, whether the tunnels are deep or shallow, the burrowing activity, which includes digging and chewing, disrupts the roots of the grass as well as unsettling the roots of standard plants and flowers as well as items in a vegetable garden. This disruption can cause the root system to dry out, which results in the plants, flowers, vegetables, and grass dying. Not only can a mole issue result in the loss of valuable plants, the mounds they make create an uneven lawn making it difficult to mow and maintain the yard properly. The holes may also present a danger if you step into one of the holes.

Whether you see a line of mounds that signifies an underground tunnel, or apparent surface activity, it is time to get some help in removing them from your property. The most efficient way to do this is with the services of a professional company such as O’Connor Pest Control. Using a professional service ensures the technicians have the experience and techniques for a safe removal process.

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