Whether you love or loathe them, spiders play an essential role in our ecosystem. Without spiders, we would have more significant pest problems, disease, and face a major food shortage.

Spiders are known to eat over 2,000 insects every year and provide other benefits. Even though spiders are helpful, we, at Seitz Bros., understand why you might not want to share your home with arachnids.

When to Worry About Spiders

Some people find spiders to be more worrisome than others. Many spiders in the area are harmless and only bite if they feel threatened. Most spider bites result in similar swelling to other insect bites like from a mosquito. It’s important to note that some individuals have different reactions to spider bites. 

If you are concerned about a bite that you suspect is from a spider, observe it and contact your doctor for further instruction.

Most spiders that are in your home pose little threat to humans and animals. Black widow and brown recluse spiders are some of the more dangerous spiders to have in your home but are uncommon in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

When spiders are present in your home, it typically indicates that you have insects in your home. Many homeowners and commercial property owners fear the occasional bite from a spider and don’t like dealing with cobwebs. 

While spiders are less of a pest than most insects and rodents, you may feel more comfortable keeping them outdoors.

Spiders that you find outdoors are best left alone, especially if you find them in your garden, because they help control your outdoor pest population. If you have particular concerns about spiders outside of your home, Seitz Bros. can help you identify the spider and answer other questions.

How Do Spiders Get Inside Your Home?

Like other pests, spiders enter your home because they are looking for food and shelter. They can squeeze through cracks and gaps and even come in on pets or your pant leg.

Dark, damp and quiet basements are favorite spots for insects and also for spiders who prey on insects. The most tell-tale sign of spiders taking up residence in your space is cobwebs in hard to reach spots like corners by the ceiling. 

Seeking Professional Help for Spider Removal

Vacuuming and dusting away cobwebs regularly can help control the spiders in your home, but you may also benefit from the help of expert pest control technicians.

At Seitz Bros., we assess your spider problem and come up with a plan that’s not only specialized for your home, but is safest for your family and pets. While our technicians perform some of the same removal steps, such as vacuuming, we know what to look for and have years of experience using effective removal and prevention methods.

Whether you’re worried about a spider infestation or you want expert advice on how to handle spiders in your home, we have decades of experience helping residents and commercial property owners handle pest problems.