Despite their name, silverfish are not a small fish but rather a tiny teardrop-shaped insect. They vary in color from white to bluish-silver, have three long bristles on their rear and are typically between 12 and 19 mm long. 

Silverfish are known as occasional invaders. Even though they do not cause structural damage to homes, they can destroy some of your most valuable items such as keepsakes. Silverfish not only ruin upholstery, clothing and grains but sometimes they attract other pests like beetles.

At Seitz Bros., we have decades of experience eliminating silverfish from commercial and residential properties. Silverfish are difficult to find and even more challenging to catch, but our elimination methods are safe and effective.

Identifying Silverfish

Silverfish have distinct characteristics, and once you see one scurry quickly out of a corner, you aren’t likely to forget a pest like a silverfish. Spotting silverfish is relatively easy, but finding their hiding spots is a challenge.

Like many pests, silverfish are most active at night, move quickly and reproduce rapidly. More often than not, you won’t notice silverfish until you have an infestation. Silverfish thrive in various climates, but they prefer dark and damp places. Their flat bodies make it easy to squeeze through cracks and other tight spaces. Other areas you can find silverfish include:

  • Bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and kitchens
  • Boxes, books and other paper
  • Garages, sheds and storage facilities

Silverfish are destructive eaters and prefer to feast on a variety of sugary and starchy food items. They also eat various fabrics like silk and even other dead insects.

How Silverfish Enter Your Living Space

Similar to other pests we treat, most residents and commercial space owners are unaware of how silverfish enter the home or business. Since silverfish prefer everything from cardboard to food and are good at hiding, you can unknowingly bring them into your living space.

Not only can silverfish enter your home from cracks in the foundation, but they access your space through rips in your window screens or gaps around doors or windows. 

Although silverfish are notorious for destroying personal belongings, they do not pose a serious health threat to humans or pets. People with allergies may experience respiratory issues due to a silverfish infestation.

Steps for Treating Silverfish

Minimizing moisture from your home and getting rid of clutter are easy ways to reduce silverfish from your home but it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate silverfish from taking up residence. 

There are other DIY natural methods that you may want to try, such as using cinnamon as a deterrent, but most non-professional treatment methods are only temporary. The best course of action is calling a pest control company that has experience with silverfish.

At Seitz Bros., we will take the right steps to significantly reduce the silverfish population from your living space. We customize our treatment plans based upon the type of home you live in, the extremity of your silverfish infestation and other factors.

When you call us for a free quote, our pest control technicians come to you, assess your pest situation and schedule treatments to accommodate your schedule. Although silverfish are relatively harmless to your health, you should never ignore their presence in your home.