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Pests can become a serious problem for home and business owners. Whether there is a minor problem or concern an infestation has started, our team of professionals at O’Connor Pest Control have the answers, treatment plans, and techniques to put fears to rest. With more than 60 years of experience, our company has provided efficient, reliable, and affordable Camarillo CA pest control services to residents and commercial business owners.


At O’Connor Pest Control, we understand how stressful it can be when you have to find a reliable pest control company. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we offer one-time visits or recurring visits. We also offer senior discounts, free inspections, pet friendly treatments, and we’ll work to manage the pest problem according to your budget.

When you schedule an appointment, one of our specialists will check for the source of the infestation as well as common places pests use to get into your home. After the inspection, a treatment is applied to your home’s exterior as a barrier to prevent pests from entering.


Pest infestations can be problems for businesses. Disease carrying pests, like rats, can deteriorate the safety and sanitation of your business and bring along a threat to the health of your employee and customer base. A serious infestation can even lead to health code violations and business closings.

Our professional and experienced staff at O’Connor Pest Control can help businesses maintain a pest free environment and retain a positive reputation by scheduling frequent inspection and prevention visits.

Pest Control


Protecting your home from the destruction of termites is one of the services you can count on from our team of termite specialists. We do this by placing our O’Connor Termite Protection System around your home of business. The system works with a series of bait stations strategically placed creating a barrier. To ensure there is no recurrence of termites, our team inspects each bait station yearly.


It is never good when rodents find their way into your home or business. Whether it’s a squirrel with a habit of chewing electrical wiring or a rat transporting diseases, our one-time or recurring pest control services will ensure your property remains free of rodents.


When you see ants in or around your home or business, it can mean they are looking for a place to establish a colony, or they have already done so inside or close to your home. To have an ant infestation removed, our technicians will inspect the home or business, identify the species of ant, and then determine the appropriate treatment for the particular species.


Fleas and ticks pose health risks to indoor and outdoor pets and to those who have a pet-related business. These pests are resilient, and an infestation is difficult to eliminate if you are relying on regular pest control products to remove fleas and ticks yourself. Our team at O’Connor can do a one-time treatment to rid your property of the pests or schedule ongoing visits to keep fleas and ticks under control.


When bees or wasps invade your property, you don’t want to hesitate getting professional and experienced help removing the stinging pests. When threatened or if they feel threatened both species will attack humans and pets in swarms leading to multiple stings, which can be dangerous for those with allergic reactions to these types of stings.


Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task and a problem that over-the-counter products can’t eliminate. It takes experienced technicians, like our staff at O’Connor, to inspect and treat the area using the latest in products and equipment to rid your home or business of an infestation.


A cockroach infestation can lead to several problems in homes and businesses. Cockroaches breed quickly, which means they can create ongoing infestations in a short time. The bugs can become resistant to over-the-counter pesticides, and they spread disease, which can lead to health issues and closed businesses.


When pests such as gophers and ground squirrels encroach on your property, it can lead to several problems. Gophers dig networks of tunnels that can weaken structures, and they can destroy underground cable systems. Ground squirrels do damage and destroy ornamental plants, vines, young shrubs, and eat garden vegetables.


Squirrels are inquisitive and busy creatures who are adept at finding entry into homes and businesses in search of warmth and protected nesting places such as an attic. Anytime wildlife is creating a problem, it is best to contact our trained technicians who will remove the pest safely.


Being environmentally friendly is the focus of many businesses doing their part to help protect the planet and its inhabitants. At O’Connor Pest Control, we offer green services using only eco-friendly products and treatment methods that do no harm to you, your pets, and the environment.


It is never too soon, or too late, to set up a pest control plan of action for your home or business. With our years of experience, quality service provided by expert technicians, and reliable solutions to handle pest problems, we can put the plan into motion. Contact us for more information and to schedule your free estimate.