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Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, Newbury Park is a picturesque neighborhood within the Thousand Oaks city limits and is surrounded by great recreation activities. Newbury Park is considered one of the US’s most sought-after and safest neighborhoods.

Living close to the city has its benefits, but many people flock to this area for its proximity to nature. With the beauty of nature at your back door comes insects, rodents, and other pests. O’Connor Pest Control is your go-to Newbury Park, CA Pest Control company for quick, and safe pest control services. 

Residential Pest Control

Pests can threaten the comfort and safety of your home, bringing with them potential damage, itchy bites or bacteria, and disease. At your scheduled appointment, our professionals come out to your home, inspect the damage and the origin of the pest problem. Together, we determine the best course of action to rid your home of the pests that fits your budget. We have a variety of methods and techniques to suit every pest situation.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests in a commercial business not only threaten the health and safety of your company and employees but also puts your reputation at risk. A pest infestation, such as roaches, ants, or rats, can be a major deterrent for your customers and ruin your standing with the health department. Whether you need a pest solution once or as part of an ongoing maintenance project, O’Connor Pest Control can help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced professionals. 

Ant Control 

Getting rid of ants completely on your own can be difficult. The key to ant control is determining the source. We’ll find the nest, eradicate the source, and clean up the scouts before they can get a foothold in your home. 

Bee & Wasp Control 

Bees and wasps are known for their sting. Attempting to remove hives or nests from your property can be very dangerous, especially for those who are prone to allergic reactions. Let our technicians safely remove them for you. 

Bed Bug Control 

Bed bugs are notorious for itchy red bites. They reproduce quickly, making extermination very difficult with over-the-counter and do-it-yourself solutions. We can help bring peace and rest back to your bedroom and protect your family from bed bugs.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can get in and invade even the most carefully cleaned homes. They prefer to hide in boxes, among clutter or storage, and in dark corners. O’Connor Pest Control can help you remove even these difficult-to-remove pests.

Flea & Tick Control 

Fleas and Ticks are known carriers of bacteria and diseases. Their small size makes detecting and removing infestations difficult. An infestation can get established in rugs, furniture, in your yard, in pet fur, and other spaces in your home. We bring out the best against fleas and ticks to stop them in their tracks.

Gopher/Ground Squirrel Control 

Gophers and ground squirrels can build extensive networks underground and in landscaping. Attempting to remove the animals can cause them to attack. It’s best to leave this level of pest control to the experts. Call us today to consult on how to handle these destructive animals best and keep them out of your yard.

Rodent Control 

Rodents can contaminate food, damage electrical wiring, and cause destruction when they get inside your home. Our specialists work to exterminate rodents like mice and rats and prevent their return. 

Squirrel Control 

Squirrels on your property can damage gardens, pilfer bird and pet food, and build nests in spaces like attics and garages. Even though they often keep to themselves it’s best to keep them away from your property. We offer various techniques to keep your property free of squirrels.

Termite Services

Termites eat away at the wood to build channels for the colony to nest in. This is problematic when the wood is part of the framing of your home or building, causing structural weakening. This structural damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair. A free consultation with our experts can save you a lot of time, headache, and financial strain.

Green Pro Services 

O’Connor Pest Control is GreenPro Certified. This certification means that our teams have been specifically trained to mitigate pesticide exposure to humans and non-target animals and reduce the impact our services have on the environment. 

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For 68 years, we’ve been providing home and business owners in Newbury Park, CA pest control services they can rely on. No matter the severity or type of infestation, call O’Connor Pest Control to bring peace and control back to your property.