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Montecito, California, is perched on the Pacific coastline and is situated just east of Santa Barbara. Montecito has diverse landscape features that celebrate the great outdoors. 

No matter how vigilant a home or business owner might be, pests can find their way in. Whether you’re dealing with ants, roaches, rodents, or nuisance wildlife in Montecito, CA, pest control is essential to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Let us help you bring control back to your property.

Residential Pest Control

Pests can be a threat to the peace, health, and safety of your home. Some pests, like termites, can be very destructive, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Others, like roaches, rodents, fleas, and ticks, can bring with them disease and bacteria. O’Connor’s residential pest control services combat a wide variety of pest issues. Friendly, educated, and efficient technicians offer same-day services and help to create a pest control plan to keep your family comfortable and pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control

In any business, pests can cause a variety of issues. Health code violations are public and often highly visible. But even if it never comes to that, all it takes is a couple of upset customers or employees who saw pests in your business, and the news of an infestation can spread, damaging your reputation. Our proactive approach to commercial pest control services allows for professional and discreet work. Your employees, customers, and bottom line will thank you for your proactive approach to a pest-free workplace.

Ant Control 

Small but mighty, some ants can be deceivingly destructive. One ant could mean an entire colony could be inside or on your property. Tackle the whole colony by leveraging our ant control services.

Bee and Wasp Control 

Don’t risk an attack by attempting to remove a beehive or wasp nest from your property on your own. Call our experienced technicians to come remove them for you. Our bee and wasp control services are practical and affordable.

Bed Bug Control 

Bed bugs are known for their itchy bite. Adept at hiding and a rapid reproduction rate make complete removal difficult to handle without a professional technician. Restore peace to your nights’ sleep with our bed bug extermination service.  

Cockroach Control 

A cockroach problem can be embarrassing and carries a stigma that insinuates a sanitation problem, even though cockroaches can infest even the cleanest homes. Calling our same-day services can allow our professional technicians to address this pest problem before it gets out of control. 

Flea and Tick Control 

Fleas and ticks can be serious threats to our pets and loved ones. They can carry bacteria and viruses that can lead to serious health complications. Call and ask about our flea and tick control today.

Gopher and Mole Control 

Wildlife like gophers and moles can make quick work of destroying your lawn. Our pet-friendly solutions will allow your pets to enjoy the yard without the nuisance of gophers and moles.

Rodent Control 

Mice and rats can carry diseases and reproduce rapidly. Their ability to ruin electric systems and nest in insulation make these pests a particularly large problem. Our rodent control services can help you stay on top of this pest problem.

Squirrel and Bird Control 

Some may enjoy birds and squirrels in their yard but having them get into your home is an issue. For help removing nesting in your eaves or attic give us a call and ask about our squirrel and bird control services.

Termite Control 

Don’t wait until it is too late with termite damage. Routine examination and treatment are essential for preventing termites from doing serious damage to your home or foundation. Our termite control services help you protect your building and property.

Green Pro Services 

While our services are family and pet safe, consider our Green Pro Services if you are looking for more eco-friendly pest removal.

O’Connor is your go-to option for Montecito CA pest control services because of our same-day service, professional technicians, and various pest removal plans. Call O’Connor today for a free quote for pest control services that meet your needs.